The Chelyabinsk Governor said about joining the party "United Russia"

The Governor of Chelyabinsk region Alexey Teksler said Thursday about his decision to join the political party "United Russia", reported the press service of the regional government.

In Chelyabinsk is held the 35th conference of the regional branch of the party "United Russia" with the participation of the Secretary General Council of party Andrey Turchak.

Teksler added that in this regard, "go to the polls together, as a team". The head of the region said that the easy life he promises, and Vice versa. "I will demand from the party, from each member to break, and this, I must say, honestly, the perception of many people to the party. Party – people, the result of each is its image," he said.

As reported, Teksler will head the party list of "United Russia" on elections in legislative Assembly of the region, which will be held on September 13. In addition to the head of region the regional three parties will be acting Chairman of the legislative Assembly Vladimir Myakush and the Commissioner for children's rights in the region, Yevgeny Mayorov.