Putin agreed with the idea of public reports neodobrenie

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to consider the preparation of a comprehensive public reports on neodobrenie, noting that they will give the opportunity not only to set long-term goals, but also to adjust the approaches of existing programs.

At the meeting of Russian President with members of the Public chamber of the new composition of the Deputy Secretary OP Alexander Galushka has proposed to consider the formation of a joint working body of the Cabinet to implement the proposals of the Public chamber.

"The message this year, you identified this question - neodobrenie as a top national priority of Russia's development, and you said that developing the long-term policy neodobrenie you need to build on specific situations facing families. It is in this spirit and in this approach, starting from specific situations, prepared a long-term strategic proposals for neodobrenie. Moreover, the potential of the Public chamber allows on a regular basis to prepare an appropriate public report on neodobrenie" - said Galushka.

The President promised to consider the proposals.

"Are your suggestions on how public reports neodobrenie, it is clear that this comprehensive report should be, they definitely will not. Give us the opportunity not only to set some ambitious goals for ourselves, but also to adjust the approaches to the execution of our program, which is designed and planned just here in these areas. So thank you very much for the suggestions, be sure to take them into account", - said Putin.