The Ukrainian Prime Minister said when they will lift the quarantine because COVID-19

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal reported that the quarantine in the country will go on until, until you find the Protocol of treatment or vaccine for coronavirus.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Ministry of health reported another increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the country. In recent days the infection got sick of 994 people and 16 died.

He recalled that coronavirus infection deadly. "If the mortality of this disease in Ukraine today between 2.5% and 2.9%, the classic influenza is about 1%, about 0.8% of people die. Here (in the case of COVID-19 – ed.) is almost three times more. And there are countries where the mortality rate exceeds 10%. It's one in ten people is really scary, it's a disaster... If the disease kills zero people can be hurt, it's not scary. Ill, runny nose, temperature - cured, country lives, works without restrictions. Of course, the epidemic is unpleasant, but not fatal, as they say. That's the goal. That is, we need to bring the country with minimal losses until finding drugs," - said Smigel.

In his opinion, only then can completely remove quarantine "and live a normal life, to grow and to think about the future." "Until that time we will live in the mode of preservation of every human life. And here already start the moral and ethical problems that are associated with economic problems, and must constantly seek a balance so as not to ruin the economy. And at the same time to save as many human lives, no matter what age, gender, the condition of man, but this is the highest value, certainly," said Smigel.

The government of Ukraine from March 12 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 introduced a nationwide quarantine for a month, later it was prolonged several times. The Cabinet also decided to soften a number of restrictive measures on may 11 in connection with a controlled epidemiological situation. On the first of the five stages of relaxation of constraints, the Ukrainian authorities have allowed the work of hairdressers and beauty salons, has opened a summer Playground cafes and restaurants, the ban was lifted on walks in the parks, resumed work the food stores. The twenty-second of may, Ukraine launched the second stage at which the country resumed work of public transport, hotels and kindergartens.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 9.1 million cases of infection, more than 473 thousand people died.

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