In Spain are investigating a death in nursing homes during an epidemic

Last week, Spanish prosecutors filed more than 20 criminal cases in relation to deaths in nursing homes during an epidemic COVID-19 in Spain, the Ministry reported.

The total number of such cases has reached 240, most of them in Madrid (105) and Catalonia (43), follows from the message of the Prosecutor General.

In most cases, the Prosecutor sent the relatives of the deceased and staff of the centers, however, there are the lawsuits, filed by political parties and associations. As respondents act as the management of nursing homes and management of health services regions.

During the epidemic in Spain is the most difficult situation in nursing homes. The Ministry of health has still not announced the official data on victims in these centres. Due to overload of the health system guests are not tested by PCR (on the basis of which is statistics), they are rarely sent to the hospital. According to the Autonomous communities, died more than 19.5 thousand old men (one in Madrid for almost 6 thousand), which were symptoms of the coronavirus.

On Thursday it became known that visiting relatives was suspended again in 44 nursing homes in Madrid because of the new recorded cases. Only in the capital region 475 centers in Spain – 5,5 thousand.

Spain is one of the most affected by the pandemic COVID-19 countries. According to official data of the Ministry of health, its victims were 28.3 thousand people. In the country with the help of PCR testing identified more than 247 thousand cases of the disease, although the Ministry of health conducted a study on antibodies suggests that the disease has moved 2.3 million people, i.e. 5% of the population.

A high alert has been cancelled in Spain on 21 June, although constantly there are local outbreaks of disease. For example, this week in four comarcas of Aragon was again introduced additional sanitary restrictions. In addition, on Thursday was confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus have 80 people working and living in the red cross centre in Malaga. There are mainly illegal migrants. Now he is isolated. Only for the last days in Spain have identified nearly 200 new cases of the disease.

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