Ryabkov praised book Bolton

Diplomacy is now facing completely new tasks, previously for the declassification of information it would take dozens of years, now we cannot be sure that confidential discussions will not be made public, said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, commenting on the book of memoirs of former national security Advisor of US President John Bolton.

On Tuesday, the book was published. In it Bolton describes his work in the White house in the years 2018-19. Bolton, in particular, quite openly talks about the talks at the highest level, including with the Russian side, in which he participated, and also cites some private meetings at the White house, the witness of which he was, as an Advisor to trump.

"You know, what occurs now is a trap and an ambush. We can't be sure that any discussions - sensitive, some discrete, confidential, trustworthy - for some reason suddenly become public. We have seen the publication through WikiLeaks, plums, we've seen the investigation (of spectacular Robert) Mueller and subsequent publication, including the transcripts of the systems of surveillance of all kinds. Now memories of Bolton" Ryabkov said during an online session, "Primako readings."

He noted that in Soviet times it was possible to be sure that the "incriminating drain of sneak attack, from behind, nothing will happen."

"Now we go all the time as on a minefield. We don't know what conversation, what is the source in which the service of the day will be published. Incidentally it including the memoir of Bolton in many of their segments is about the stories that in normal everyday life, not in the current such chaos and total opacity, and in normal life it would take dozens of years for a decision on declassifying. But that is the reality. It puts diplomacy before completely new challenges", - said the diplomat.

Earlier Ryabkov said RIA Novosti that Moscow sees the publication of the book of Bolton as an element of political "showdown" in the United States.