Turkey has accused the EU and Greece in violation of the rights of refugees

The EU and Greece must stop violations of rights of refugees and to fulfil its obligations in this area instead of criticizing Turkey, said the spokesperson of the Turkish foreign Ministry Hami Aksoy in response to statements of the head of the Greek foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Earlier Dendias said that Turkey is undermining security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, it violates the sovereignty of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Cyprus. This is a statement he made at the end of the visit, together with the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy and Josep Borrell to the town Kastanies in the region of Evros on the border with Turkey. Dendias noted that Turkey was actively sent migrants that they crossed the border, but the "blackmail attempt failed".

"Statements by Dendias is a new attempt to cover up crimes against refugees in Greece under the guise of the EU. EU member States are obliged to protect the rights of refugees. We invite the EU and Greece is accusations against our country to fulfill its obligations", - said in a statement axoa.

He called completely "divorced from reality" the statements of the Greek Minister about the actions of Turkey in the Aegean sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. "Greece and Cyprus it is time to get rid of illusions to isolate Turkey in its shores and believe it is consistent with international law. For Greece will not benefit from creating a hostile Turkey's alliances with the involvement of the EU. She needs to respect the legitimate rights of Turkey and to solve the existing problems through negotiations," added Aksoy.