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The amendments will make the environment a government priority stated in the OP

In accordance with the amendments to the Constitution, the environment becomes a national priority, and the government should report on the situation, said RIA Novosti member of the Public chamber of Moscow, Professor of Moscow power engineering Institute Evgeny Gasho.

"With regard to the environment, there is written a number of important things, including the fact that the environment became a national priority and the government should report on how it improves. This is a positive thing, and it makes you think about the adoption of appropriate policies and programmes related to the implementation of industrial policy and implementation of best available technologies under the auspices of the ecology," said Gasho.

The source believes that the amendment of the priority of Russian law is also important and many countries have the priority of their laws to international.

"In 90-e years there was a certain bias. There were precedents when Russian courts did not know how to act because of certain discrepancies in the Russian and international legislation. I think this amendment, which had to be paid," - said the expert.

Speaking about the amendment, which enshrines the state border, Gasho stressed that the indivisibility of the territory are also enshrined in many constitutions.

"So all the changes that I saw and about which I can tell, they are quite positive," - concluded the expert.