The United States seeks to strengthen dominance in the world, the foreign Ministry said

Washington seeks to boost its dominance in the world, including defiantly violating international law, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"I think that it should be conducted not about the emphasis in US policy on the power factor, and the US desire to keep and strengthen the position of their own dominance in different areas," he said at a online session "Primako readings" "the United States in the vortex of crisis: strategic implications".

In particular, we are talking about dominance in the global payment system, where to compete, the U.S. still does not work. In addition, Ryabkov said that Washington is actively using sanctions as a mechanism to promote their interests. As for the force, although the administration of President Donald trump did not start major wars, but has used force in Syria, in violation of the UN Charter.

"Generally, a trademark of the United States in recent years is challenging, open and absolutely demonstrative violation of the most fundamental norms and principles of international law, many of the very agreements," - said Ryabkov.