The chief of police of Tucson, resigned after the death of a man during the arrest

The chief of police of Tucson in the us state of Arizona Chris Magnus submitted his resignation after the incident with the death of Latin after the arrest by law enforcement officials, according to local newspaper the Arizona Republic.

The incident occurred at the end of April. As reported, the law enforcement officers arrived to grandma's house 27-year-old Carlos Lopez Ingram after the woman called the police and said that her grandson "drunk, yells and runs around the house naked." According to the video obtained from a wearable camera one of the officers who arrived on the scene, the police caught up with the young man, put him face down and handcuffed. In this position, Lopez had been in for 12 minutes. The record shows that he was breathing heavily and shouted: "Excuse me!". He also complains that he could not breathe and asked to give him a glass of water. One of the officers sitting on his legs while another holds his hands behind his back. Later the young man had a cardiac arrest as a result of which he died.

As stated by Magnus, the three police officers involved in the arrest of Lopez, has resigned. He added that they were not prosecuted, but noted that the administrative investigation found several violations committed during detention.

"To demonstrate my willingness to take responsibility for these mistakes, I submit his resignation," said Magnus. If it is not specified if the mayor Regina Romero his statement.

According to the newspaper, the medical examiner's report, released Wednesday, States that the cause of death of Lopez was "sudden cardiac arrest in the context of acute cocaine intoxication and limitation of movement."