Lukashenko called the message about the account in Switzerland, his son was a "terrible fake"

Lukashenko called a "terrible fake" information about $840 million on account in Switzerland, his son, offered to anyone wanting immediately to pick them up.

Earlier in the Telegram channels have appeared and allegedly a screenshot of the accounts of Viktor Lukashenko in the Swiss Credit Suisse - on March 24, 2012, the amount converted from euros and Swiss francs accounted for more than 840 million dollars. According to the Agency Sputnik of Belarus on Thursday during the consideration of personnel questions Lukashenko spoke about the current situation in the country and noted that now the Internet is actively spread "terrible fakes", which want to discredit the government. He said that some of these stuffing him in a surprise.

He drew attention that information is simply falsified, and people who do not understand banking documents, believe these fakes.

"People do not understand what it is. These fakes will always. And we need to keep in mind to live with it and fight. By the way, it is tossed structures "babichevskaya", "nazarani" from Russia. It is not ours, it comes from Russia information. Then they will apologize, withdraw. But people in the brain has catapulted it," - said the Belarusian President.