German analyst estimated the US plans to transfer troops to Poland

The President of the United States Donald trump punish Berlin for a sovereign policy, in particular in respect of the project of the pipeline "Nord stream 2" and a failure to fulfill obligations to NATO planning conclusion part is placed in Germany of the military contingent, however, the arguments that Germany was indebted to the Americans must follow their requirements, are unfounded, said to RIA Novosti, the German political scientist, Professor at the Free University Berlin Nils Diederich.

Previously, trump has promised to reduce the number of us troops in Germany from 34.5 to 25 thousand people, Berlin is behind on their payments to NATO. Poland stated that it is willing to Fund the presence of us troops on its territory and offered the USA to host on a permanent basis, American armored division, taking on the costs - of the order of 1.5-2 billion dollars. Moreover, this proposal was made outside the framework of NATO on a bilateral basis. Duda suggested naming the base Fort Trump ("trump Fort").

"German politicians should not succumb to the blackmail because of such a rapid, emotional, and absolutely not based on foreign standards the decision of the President of the United States. Germany will put itself damage, reacting to every movement trump his desire. It is obvious that the threats associated with the "Northern stream 2" so that Germany invests too little in its own defense, due solely to domestic politics in the United States, with American interests. Rather, it is pre-election maneuver than a considered foreign policy decision", - says Diederich.

"Trump says that the Germans need the Americans money. This is utter bullshit. This formula, invented for the campaign, for ordinary Americans, who know nothing about Europe and not interested in her. And they say: the Germans owe us money! The Germans did not perform today fully its obligations to NATO, investing less in defense, but the point of the German foreign Ministry needs to discuss with NATO, not with the American President," - said the expert.

"Nord stream 2" involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Against the project actively advocate USA, in the EU promoting its liquefied natural gas, as well as Ukraine and several European countries. States in December imposed sanctions against the project, demanding that the companies doing the strip, to immediately stop the construction. Swiss Allseas almost immediately announced the suspension of the gas pipeline. Russia has repeatedly stated that the project is a commercial and profitable Europe.

Germany adheres to its commitments to increase defence budget to 2% of GDP, defense spending is growing every year, said earlier, German defense Minister Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer.

According to Dederich, the presence of the Americans in Germany had nothing to do with NATO and was beneficial especially the United States, "it was a great launch pad for operations in the middle East, Africa, Asia".

"It will hurt Spangdalem and other settlements (in Germany), because there are plenty of jobs associated with it (the deployment of us military personnel - ed). But the global German interests will not interfere if the Americans decide to reduce its presence. The Germans must consider the question of whether they want to strengthen its own defense resources," said Diederich.

Turning to the issue of German-Polish relations in connection with the planned transfer of troops, the expert said that they are "in any degree" will not be affected by the decision of the us administration. The question of whether Poland and how much to place on its territory of foreign troops, must be decided within NATO, given the agreement of the Alliance with Russia, however, the transfer of units of the U.S. army in the neighboring country "does not mean a threat to Germany, therefore Germans must continue to do everything possible for the preservation of friendly relations with Poland," said Diederich.