Ryabkov praised the results of Russian-American consultations in Vienna

Russian-American consultations in Vienna on strategic stability is fundamentally not pull together the positions of Moscow and Washington, said on Thursday Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

Consultations on strategic stability issues took place in Vienna on 22-23 June. The parties discussed the issue of extending the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), which was signed in 2010 and expires in February 2021, the maintenance of stability and predictability in the conditions of the termination of the INF Treaty. At the consultations, the sides confirmed the launch of the working group on space and a number of others.

"We do not foresee any easy way forward (in the dialogue with the US on arms control)... On the fundamental issues, the position did not close. We agreed on the process, not the merits of what to do," Ryabkov said during an online session, "Primako readings."

"This is too bad, but the fact is," added the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.