Participation in the exam declined almost ten percent of applicants

Almost 10% of the applicants for participation in the exam in February 2020 refused the exam, it will lead to the improvement in the average result, said the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev.

He explained that 73 thousand people who refused the exam received a certificate, had planned to take Russian language and basic math. Evaluation of this category of graduates over the past few years, typically below average, said Musayev.

"That is the cohort, nearly 10% from the dealer, it does not take part in the exam, and we understand that here already we have formed the place, so to speak... where do we get improved results, the increase in average points," he said at a press conference in MIA "Russia today".

Musayev noted that the Department examined the success of graduates with high scores. The study showed that the vast majority vysokoballnikov received additional training at a variety of online resources, including in groups "Vkontakte", where, together, without adult, solve exam tasks.

"In fact, and teachers proven to be quite effective, method of fastening - when a schoolboy the schoolboy explains his language, so to speak, how to solve a particular task," said Muzaev, noting that isolation gave the opportunity to prepare more online.