Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Latin America

The number of victims of coronavirus infection in Latin America to October will exceed 388 thousand, predicts the Institute for health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington.

According to published on the University website the forecast, by 1 October the number of deaths from COVID-19 will reach 300 388. Most deaths are projected in Brazil and Mexico, 166 and 88 thousand, respectively. In Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru, the number of victims, according to the University, may exceed 10 thousand, while in 15 countries, including Paraguay, Uruguay, Belize is expected to at least thousands of deaths.

Today, according to official data, in Brazil, recorded 53 830 deaths in Mexico the number of victims is 24 324.

The Institute for health metrics and evaluation is an independent research organization at the University of Washington, which is engaged in the measurement of the most important problems in the field of health.

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