Heads of some the Siberian regions have voted on the amendments to the Constitution

The Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS, the Omsk region Alexander Burkov and Tomsk region Sergei Zhvachkin took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution.

A nationwide vote will take place on July 1, however the opportunity to vote for the Russians have with June 25.

The head of Krasnoyarsk region the OSS with his wife were among the first to vote at a polling station located in school No. 2 on Uritskogo street in Krasnoyarsk. Governor Chet were wearing gloves and masks, voted, observing all precautions.

"Today is really great day, truly a historic event, which the creators are we, the citizens of our country and of course Siberians. The previous edition of the Constitution adopted in a very difficult period. It was the turn of the eras, the beginning of the 90-ies. During this time the country has changed, we have changed. And the Constitution requires the new edition. What is proposed now is dramatically changing for the better the basic law of the country. But above all, he becomes more socially oriented," said USS reporters after the vote.

In his opinion, important is the fact that the amendments approved and the Federal Assembly, both houses and regional parliaments.

"But the President thinks it is very important to make these amendments to the court of the people, the voters. And I am absolutely convinced that the Siberian, Krasnoyarsk, will support the amendments to the basic law, and support our President," – said the head of the region.

The Omsk region Governor came to the polling station where he was issued a mask and gloves. He showed electoral Commission passport, received a ballot and went with him into the cabin. Answering the only question on the ballot, Burkov has approved changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and commented on his position.

"Most important, I would call one amendment, which for me is key. That's a change in the 75th article of the Constitution, where it is held that wages must not be below the subsistence level. And social amendment. This is a required guaranteed indexation of pensions and social benefits. Here's the key - that guarantee wages and a decent level of social support", - quotes Burkova press service of the government of Omsk region.

According to the press service of the head of the Tomsk region, Sergey Zhvachkin was one of the first took part in the national vote.

He gave his vote at a polling station in the sixth gymnasium in Tomsk, where "myself" checked the work progress with voters: disinfecting hands, took my temperature, got the helmet, gloves and stick, and then, observing the distance, presented a passport, received a ballot and voted.

"Tomsk is actively involved in a nationwide vote, today at 8 in the morning we opened all the 773 area... the Vote is unusual in that will last a week. Amending the Constitution, we decide not momentary issues and choose the future. I have no doubt that we will make the right choice", - quotes Zhvachkin press service.

According to her, together with his wife, the head of the region also voted in support of the initiative on the award of the Tomsk honorary title of "City of labor valor".