Three opposition parties of Armenia established a working group for planning

Three Armenian opposition party "prosperous Armenia", "homeland" and "Dashnaktsutiun" - agreed to establish a working group to develop the programme of joint action, the official website of the party "Dashnaktsutyun".

It is noted that the meeting of the leaders of "prosperous Armenia" (Gagik Tsarukyan), "homeland" (Arthur Veneziana) and a representative of the Supreme body of the Armenian revolutionary Federation "Dashnaktsutiun" (Ishkhan Saghatelyan) was held on Wednesday, June 24.

"The meeting discussed the political situation in Armenia and ways of restoration of the constitutional order. It was agreed to establish a working group of representatives of the three parties, which is to ensure wide consolidation develop the program and "road map" of joint actions to coordinate the ongoing efforts," the statement reads.

Earlier, the Armenian Parliament adopted the ruling faction of the "step" the draft amendments to the Constitution providing for the termination of powers of the head of the constitutional court, which will remain the judge of KS. The amendments also suggest the dismissal of constitutional court judges who together hold this position for at least 12 years. The authors substantiate the necessity of its adoption by the fact that the reformed Constitution of 2015 sets for the members of the COP 12-year term in office. Under the project, the members of the constitutional court will be able to elect a new President after the resignation of the previous head of the COP and the changing of judges.

Opposition parliamentary faction of Armenia and "prosperous Armenia", said the draft amendments unconstitutional and refused to participate in the deliberations and voting. The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe expressed regret that the proposal for amendments to the Constitution was submitted to the Parliament of Armenia on the day of the adoption of its conclusion. She notes that "the proposal does not meet the recommendations set out in the opinion of the Venice Commission".

"Dashnaktsutyun" is one of the oldest Armenian parties, based in 1890 in Tiflis. The party is a member of the socialist international. During the presidency of Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan were in the ruling coalition of Armenia. During the reign of first President Levon Ter-Petrossian, the party's activities were banned, many of its members were in prison. The party "prosperous Armenia" political force with a liberal slant - was created by Tsarukian in 2004. In the current Parliament, Prosperous Armenia owns 25 seats out of 132. The party "Rodina" was established in the year 2020 have fallen to the opposition, former Director of the national security Service of Armenia Arthur Veneziana.