Ukraine wants to increase fines for insulting police

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the country plans to increase fines for insulting police and intend to introduce additional responsibility for the use of gas cartridges.

"After the events of the court (former head of the Odessa cell "Right sector" Sergey – ed.) Sternenko, I have been instructed to develop a bill. There will be increased fines for insulting police officers, which we hear constantly. Further, concerning the use of gas cartridges: we will introduce additional responsibility for those who grass them to the police or other protesters. That is the ordinary people can have the cans as a means of self-defense. But when a video of tear gas being used against the police or other protesters – it is not a peaceful protest. This will be an additional aggravating circumstance. The article of the criminal code on hooliganism as an aggravating circumstance indicate the use of knuckle dusters, bits, etc., we will put more and tear gas. Then it will be possible to obtain the real term", - said Gerashchenko in an interview with "RBC-Ukraine".

Earlier the building of the court of Shevchenko in Kiev chose a measure of restraint ex-to the head of the Odessa cell "Right sector"* Sternenko on the murder case was a fight between police and protesters. After the fight, detained five people. Sternenko eventually went under house arrest for 60 days.

In may 2018, unknown assailants attacked Sternenko, he was hospitalized. One of the attackers on Sternenko was wounded and died. The press center of the security Service of Ukraine on 11 June reported that the police suspect Sternenko of premeditated murder and illegal possession of bladed weapons.

* Banned in Russia as extremist organization.