Deputy Prime Minister of Spain will become a candidate for the post of Chairman of the Eurogroup

The Minister for economic Affairs and digital conversions and Vice-Prime Minister of Spain Nadia of Calvino will become a candidate for the presidency of the Council of Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries (Eurogroup), according to Twitter government.

"Spain nominated Nadiya of Calvinia for the post of head of the Eurogroup, the key bodies for cooperation of the members of the Eurozone and the strengthening of Europe," the statement said.

The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez stated that it would be honor if Calvinia will take the post.

"For the Spanish government and for me as its Chairman would be an honor if I hope of Calvino took office as the head of the Eurogroup ... In this case, the organization's first lead (candidate – ed.) from Spain and a woman," commented the Prime Minister.

Earlier it was reported that elections of the new head of the Eurogroup will take place in early July.

The Chairman of the Eurogroup is elected for 2.5 years of the Euro zone Finance Ministers by a majority of votes. The current head of the Eurogroup Mario Centeno does not intend to stay for a second term and plans to perform his duties until the end of the current mandate on 12 July.

Nadia of Calvino became Minister for economic Affairs and digital transformations, and the third Deputy Chairman of the government of Spain in January 2020. From 2014 to 2018, has held the post of Director General for budget at the European Commission.