In Turkey the book of Bolton called manipulative and deceptive

Book is ex-presidential adviser White house national security John Bolton regarding the relationship of the presidents of Turkey and the United States, is manipulative and deceptive, said the head of the communications Department of the administration of the Turkish leader Fahrettin Altun.

On Tuesday, he published a memoir of Bolton in which he describes his work in the White house in 2018-2019. As Bolton argues in his book, the US President Donald trump in 2018 were offered to his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan to help with the investigation by the U.S. justice Department against the state Bank of Turkey Halkbank, which is accused of violating anti-Iran sanctions. In addition, according to Bolton, trump, ignoring the "confusion in Congress" have refused to impose sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of the Russian s-400.

"The recent publication of a book authored by former senior us official, includes misleading, one-sided and manipulative presentation of the interview of our President Erdogan and U.S. President trump. We find objectionable the fact that former high-ranking officials are trying to use for political purposes a serious diplomatic negotiations and efforts to resolve the outstanding issues between the allies such as the US and Turkey," Altun wrote on Twitter.

He expressed confidence that Turkish-American relations will overcome this. "President Erdogan will continue his Frank, honest and direct conversations with President trump," said Altun.