At the Kursk NPP-2 isolated about 300 construction workers

The concealment of one of the participants in the construction of Kursk NPP-2 the fact of its disease coronavirus infection has led to the fact that the quarantine had to send almost 300 people, is an outrage, said General Director of Rosatom state Corporation Alexey Likhachev.

"The worker of one of our contractors on the construction site of the Kursk NPP-2 ill. Two days went to work with temperature, masking the disease and by taking antipyretics, and then called in sick, stayed in a hostel, but was not isolated. And there has infected 27 people, eight of them were hospitalized", - said Likhachev in his video message to the employees of the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation.

"Now, because of him, quarantined and even the whole hostel is 262 worker," he added.

Due to neglect of basic safety standards, the construction site for two weeks, lost nearly 300 people, said Likhachev.

On Monday, the Governor of Kursk region Roman Starovoit said that the doctors found two foci of infection COVID-19 of the workers involved in the construction of nuclear power plants.

Kursk NPP-2 nuclear station that will eventually replace decommissioned units of the current Kursk nuclear power plant. The power units №1 and №2 of Kursk NPP-2 generation 3 are pilot units constructed under the project WWER-TOI. This Russian model is optimized and informatsionny project two-unit nuclear power plant on the basis of the technical solutions of the project of NPP with VVER-1200. Construction of power unit No. 1 of Kursk NPP-2 began on 29 April 2018.

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