In the state Duma have developed the project on the processing of "delay" in animal feed

In the state Duma has developed a bill on the processing of expired food products into animal feed and fertilizers, the draft law was sent to relevant ministries for official opinions, told RIA Novosti the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov.

The bill text is available to RIA Novosti.

In materials it is noted that at present a particularly acute problem of disposal of food products, lost their consumer properties: products with expired shelf life must be destroyed or disposed of. However, such food waste is a valuable and useful resource for the production of animal feed and fertilizers.

"Now the delay goes to landfill and rots there, because of this, landfills are burning. Recycling is almost zero. We propose to give the right processors to carry out the inspection of food, and now it should do the sellers, and recycle delay in animal feed. This practice already exists in many countries and has established itself", - said burmatov RIA Novosti.

The bill proposes to grant the right but not the obligation, organizations-"the recyclers" to bear the expenses on examination, storage, transportation, disposal or destruction of poor-quality products. This avoids circulation of substandard and dangerous food products in order to use them for food.

According to Burmatova, the draft law sent to the Ministry of environment, Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of industry and trade for the official reviews.