Tokayev is sure that Kazakhstan not to infringe on the Russian language

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev believes that the strengthening of the position of the state - the Kazakh - language should not lead to infringement of the Russian language.

According to the Constitution, Kazakhstan state language is the Kazakh language. In state organizations and organs of local self-government equally with Kazakh Russian is officially used language.

"Strengthening the position of the Kazakh language should not infringe upon the status of the Russian language", - he told in interview to the newspaper "Ana tili" (Native language), published on Thursday.

According to Tokayev, the language problem is of great political significance and mishandling can lead to irreparable consequences for the state and safety of the citizens of the country. "In this we see the example of Ukraine. Frontal attack with the aim of improving the status of state language and violent expansion of the range of its use is counterproductive, as it can cause the destabilization of interethnic relations", - said the head of state.

He believes that Kazakhstan should take into account the geopolitical background in which stands apart the world's longest land border with Russia. "Geography is an important factor of geopolitics. But this does not mean that the work needs to be frozen. It needs to be continued and to do it without noise, anguish, self-aggrandizement", he added.

Tokayev said that to strengthen the position of Kazakh language "should become prestigious and sought after in our society." "For appointment to public office, especially coupled with public utilities, preference is given to those who, along with professional qualities good command of the Kazakh language. Civil servants do not know how to debate and dialogue on the state language in Parliament or in press conferences, have become an anachronism" - he stressed.

At the same time, in his opinion, should be supported and encouraged representatives of other ethnic groups who are fluent in the Kazakh language. "To elect them to the Parliament and representative bodies, appoint to high posts in the civil service, noted the state awards. These people will help to raise the Kazakh language to the level of the language of interethnic communication", he concluded.