The Russian Ambassador to Colombia spoke about the relations between the two countries

Colombia is one of the most important partners of Russia among Latin American countries, said the Ambassador of Russia in Colombia Sergey Koshkin in an interview with Tiempo, published on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"Currently, Colombia is one of our most important partners in the Latin American geopolitical space. Our bilateral cooperation based on mutual respect, it is devoid of ideological dogmas and political prejudices, we share the same universal values," said Koshkin.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation noted that although the country "are not large trading partners, we continue to seek the best opportunities to deepen and diversify our bilateral trade and mutual investments". He noted that at the present time, the possibility of the sale of Russian wheat to Colombia.

According to Koshkina, in the field of tourist exchange countries managed to achieve great success during the world Cup in 2018, when Russia was visited by 850 thousand foreigners, including 65 thousand citizens of Colombia. "Everything points to the fact that when sanitary conditions will allow even more foreign visitors will visit Russia to see her with my own eyes", - he said.

On the question of what is the most important in relations between bogotá and Moscow, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation emphasized "their continued stability and pragmatism shown at 85 years of diplomatic relations".