Streaming platform HBO Max returns movie gone with the wind

American streaming platform HBO Max returns the film "gone with the wind", which was shot with her two weeks ago, according to the publication the Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier HBO Max removed the "gone with the wind" due to racial themes, this happened on the background of large-scale protests in the United States after the death of the African-American George Floyd.

It is reported that the film will be available again on the platform, add to it the context and disclaimer. It is noted that before viewing a film, the audience will be shown a video which Professor at Chicago University of cinematography Jacqueline Stewart the context of "Gone with the wind", in particular that "against the film repeatedly protested due to the romanticizing of the antebellum South and stereotypical images of black characters."

"Gone with the wind" with the image of happy slaves for a long time been criticized for romantisierung and slavery shown in the film era of American history, the newspaper writes. The film can be returned to the platform, but it will be accompanied by notes about the contained "controversial issues".

The plot of the movie events of the Civil war, against which the beauty of Scarlett O'hara is trying not only to survive and rebuild a way of life, but to find true love. "Gone with the wind" became the first full-length color picture, the film won eight Academy awards and helped to win the love of millions of viewers to the performers of the main roles - Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.