The experts evaluated the state of inter-Korean relations

Inter-Korean relations can return to normal, if to start a dialogue on economic cooperation between the two countries without reference to the negotiations, the U.S.-DPRK and also offer quite a large and ongoing projects, I believe South Korean experts.

On Wednesday it became known that the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN on June 23 ordered will be delayed by the General staff presented the plan of measures against South Korea. Then the North Korean Internet resources began to remove articles criticizing the South Korean government and the DPRK military at the border dismantled the speakers, which only had begun to set.

"North Korea sent us a signal to dialogue. The North Korean leadership to choose between military action and dialogue. They saw the will of our Parliament to ratify an inter-Korean agreement of 27 April and 19 September 2018, resolute restraint defense Minister Jung Kyung Doo, the sincerity in the harsh reaction of the President and government on the publication of the memoirs of Bolton. Now you must understand what the implementation of the inter-Korean agreements the South can be the first to take the initiative, and that will have to decide between the US and North Korea... Seoul and Pyongyang have bought more time, but the peace on the Korean Peninsula today depends on quick decisions the South Korean government," - said Professor of the University of Gyeongsangnam and an expert on Pak Jong Chol in comments to RIA Novosti.

According to Pak Chong-Chul, since a failed summit in Hanoi of the DPRK "were continuously asked South Korea the execution plan of the inter-Korean agreements," and time to answer long gone. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN has repeatedly stated about "deadlines". The delay provided China's policy, pandemic coronavirus and elections in South Korea. But even after the election the government did not offer Pyongyang any particular plan, and the North "went their own new way."

"Dialogue on economic cooperation between North and South Korea should be conducted separately from negotiations, the U.S.-DPRK" - said the expert. If we do not stop to look at US and start the cooperation, the Korean Peninsula will return to 2017 hostile relations between North and South. If Seoul wants to keep the peace, you should start with a "solution to the problem with the leaflets, as well as the dissolution of us-South Korean working group.

Director of the Center for North Korean studies at the Sejong Institute, Jong song Zhang believes that to return Pyongyang to the negotiating table, Seoul needs to offer North Korea is not a small symbolic projects, such as the resolution of individual tours and to present a coherent picture of the plans for inter-Korean cooperation. Really implemented plans that would have received the approval of the international community and would be interested in North Korea. Only such a proposal would facilitate the return of confidence, strengthening mutual understanding and building mutually beneficial inter-Korean relations.

"If the situation continues as it is now, when the South Korean government has not seen any responsible authority, no organized efforts to promote denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, the nuclear and missile capabilities of North Korea will only grow, and the denuclearization will become impossible," said Jung sung-Jang.