In the Parliament told about the plan to destroy Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction "the Opposition platform For life," Ilya Kiva said about the plan for the destruction of Ukraine by turning it into "an asset and a colony." The words of the policy are listed on the official website of the party.

One of the parts of this plan is to aggressive promotions nationalist and right-wing organizations, the MP believes.

"The process started the destruction of our country. Prepared whole cohort of fighters that will be ready tomorrow to shoot people on the streets. They are included in certain organizations, such as the "national body" means mined racketeering, destruction of the business, kidnapping. This part of the plan for the final decay of society and destruction of Ukraine by turning it into an asset in the colony," — said Kiva.

According to him, on Tuesday, it is the radicals attempted attack on Sergei Litvinenko, people's Deputy from the party "people's Servants", in opposition to which the "Opposition platform For life". Therefore, said the MP, intimidation and physical disturbance affects not only ordinary citizens and businessmen, but also representatives of the legislature.