The Meteorologist predicted temperature anomalies in Russia

According to the forecast of the hydrometeorological center, before the end of June in the center of European Russia the temperature will be near normal, in the center and West of the Volga Federal district and the Urals - an average of 4 degrees below normal, and in most parts of Asian territory temperature will be above the norm by 4-8 degrees.

As specified on the map provided on the website of the hydrometeorological center, in Moscow region and St.-Petersburg the average daily temperature is 16 degrees, which corresponds to the norm. Residents of the South of Russia expect average daily temperatures around 20 degrees. In the North-West of Russia the temperature will conform to the norm.

Average daily temperatures below normal are expected in the Volga and Urals Federal districts. Temperatures will be four degrees below normal in the Urals and in the Central and Western parts of the Volga Federal district. The average daily temperature in these regions is 12-16 degrees.

The Asian country is waiting for the targets exceeded the average temperature by 4-8 degrees. The greatest deviations are observed in the North of Siberia, deviations up to 4 degrees forward of the residents of southern Siberia. The average temperature for most of Siberia is 20 degrees.