Trump plans to sign a decree on the protection of monuments until the end of the week

The US President Donald trump has promised to sign before the end of this week, the Executive decree on the protection of monuments, he stated at a press conference in Washington after talks with the President of Poland.

"We already have a law on the protection of monuments ... but I think we should gather all the various aspects together in one very strong decree, I think he will be ready by the end of the week," said trump.

He said that in accordance with the current legislation, "the FBI leads the investigation in respect of hundreds of people across the country" for vandalism against monuments and buildings. Trump noted that the existing legislation provides for such crimes is 10 years in prison.

"Now they are looking at (the statue) of Jesus Christ, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, that won't happen!" warned trump.

Previously, trump has threatened ten years in prison for the vandalism of the statue of seventh US President Andrew Jackson, as well as for damage to the St. John's Church in Washington, DC. He ordered the arrest of anyone trying to destroy or commit acts of vandalism against monuments and statues throughout the country.

In all States amid protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd from the hands of the police began a spontaneous demolition of the monuments of the southerners during the Civil war. It also touched upon the statues of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus, whose left-wing activists accused of genocide of the indigenous population of America.