Audi breaks the contract with Sobchak after her posts about the protests in USA

German carmaker Audi AG said that breaking the contract with the Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, the reason was the revision of the program advertising cooperation, including her controversial Instagram posts about the protests in the United States, said the representative of the company Werner Neuhold.

Sobchak amid protests in the U.S. and other countries against racism and discrimination that erupted after the death in detention by police of an African-American George Floyd have commented extensively on this topic in Instagram. Second Jun she, confessing that racism and police brutality, criticized the pogroms boutiques and "destruction of private property," which accompanied the protests. She stated that the "clear meaning of any of the armed uprising - EAT THE RICH ("eat the rich", from English)". In her opinion, participating in these programs are guided by logic: "If you fail to succeed according to the rules of the capitalist world, we need this world to destroy."

Then on 6 June, when social media users around the world have been posting images of black squares in solidarity with the protesters and condemnation of racism and police brutality, Sobchak made a similar post, but instead of pictures it contains video: on a black background played the song "Kill the nigger" group "Forbidden drummers". Post Sobchak was accompanied by the caption "Minneapolis, I'm with you", but on the same day deleted the post. Late comedian and blogger Alexander Gudkov said that Sobchak made this post to show Comment Out according to which the participants have to write controversial posts and comments. The post was a "punishment" Sobchak as part of the show, and the TV presenter, said Gudkov, in real life I would never have posted this.

"Audi AG strongly opposes all forms of racism and discrimination, as it is inconsistent with our corporate culture. We take every suspicion of a possible violation very seriously and investigate it, as in this case," said Neuhold reporters.

"The incidents we know are unacceptable to us. Audi terminates endorsement contract with Ksenia Sobchak, it takes effect immediately," he said.

Neuhold added that the decision to cease cooperation with Sobchak was taken to her controversial posts, and there has been a revision of the program of promotional partnerships at Audi Russia.

"We have informed Ksenia Sobchak orally on 16 June 2020. A written notice of immediate termination of the contract was sent today, June 24, 2020", concluded Neuhold.

As explained to RIA Novosti in the press service, Sobchak was an eight-year contract with Audi Russia. The amount of the contract the company did not name.

As explained a source familiar with the situation, the posts Sobchak in the social network became one of the reasons for termination of cooperation