Among mothers of infants "for sale" was a Russian woman, writes media

"The fifth channel" has revealed the identity of the mothers of five young children found in the apartment in Moscow.

According to the channel, we are talking about three Chinese women, a citizen of Kazakhstan and citizen of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that a June 23 apartment houses on Argunovskaya street found five babies. According to preliminary data, their ages from about six days to six months. Children were two women. Gave birth to children, presumably a surrogate mother. A criminal case on human trafficking.

On Tuesday, five children were taken to three different children's hospitals, they are fully examined. According to the head physician of children's clinical hospital of a name of Vashlaevoj Ismail Osmanov, while conditionally they can be considered healthy. Visible abnormalities in children during primary survey has not detected signs of violence, no.