Bosnia and Herzegovina has acquired from Russia three helicopters for the police

The Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has acquired three Russian helicopter "Ansat" for the needs of their police force, the first one will be delivered to Republic in September this year, said RIA Novosti member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina of Serb Milorad Dodik.

Member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Serbs Milorad Dodik on Wednesday called for the Victory parade in Moscow.

"Republika Srpska has acquired three Russian helicopter "Ansat" for the needs of our police. The first of them will arrive in the Republic of Srpska in September of this year," said Dodik.

"Despite all the pressure that was exerted from Western partners, so that the purchase never took place, we still pulled it off," - said the Agency interlocutor.

MUP RS BiH in January of this year, reported the selection of a supplier of three helicopters worth around 22 million euros. As the only bidder was listed "Helicopters of Russia", it is about three light machine "Ansat". Supply of light helicopters from Kazan expected in September 2020 may 2021 and January 2022.

Helicopter service RS BiH now has three helicopter SA-341/342 (Aerospatiale Gazelle) and one Bell 206 JetRanger. The service performs in the Republic of Serbian medical evacuation and transportation, helps with operations of the MUP RS, is engaged in training of pilots