Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts will return to Earth in August

The Dragon Crew vehicle, delivering to the International space station two NASA astronauts in may, will return to Earth in early August, said at a press briefing, Deputy program Manager commercial flights NASA Stephen Stich.

"We plan to return in early August... at the earliest – 2 - August," said Stich.

He explained that the repayment schedule depends on the workload of astronauts on the ISS, including the planned schedule of spacewalks for maintenance of the space station.

Owned by SpaceX spacecraft Dragon Crew made the first test flight with the crew in late may. He arrived on the ISS on may 31, bringing into orbit the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. Their test flight was extended to carry out the necessary work on Board the ISS. Earlier it was reported that Crew Dragon can remain in orbit for about three to four months, the solar vehicle battery is designed for 114 days.

As head of commercial programs of NASA, currently the specialists continue to monitor docked to the ISS Crew Dragon. "He's fine, we learn a lot about it," said Stich. According to him, most of the ship remains in "sleep mode", but every Wednesday experts include the system for checking and testing.

NASA representative also said that preparations for the first regular flight Crew Dragon to ISS goes according to plan. Meanwhile, he stressed that the start of regular flights will begin no sooner than six weeks after the official end of the test flight Hurley and Behnken.

"Now we think we need about six weeks between the return and launch of the first regular flight," said Stich.

First manned flight Crew Dragon marked the resumption of U.S. manned independent flight discontinued in 2011 with the completion of the Space Shuttle program.