The United States called on Palestine to study the "deal of the century"

The United States urges the Palestinian leadership to carefully study the peace plan proposed earlier by Washington and invite you to cooperation, said at a meeting of the UN security Council the us permanent representative to the organization's Kelly Kraft.

"Not dismissing the hard work done by peacekeepers over the years, I think we can all agree with the fact that past attempts have not brought the parties to the peace. Spent countless dollars on international conferences and UN resolutions and statements on the issue. But little real progress... We call on the Palestinian leadership to carefully examine our vision and to interact with us," said Kraft.

Kraft pointed out that the plan of settlement proposed by the States, not be offered and required to accept in its current form. "This is the beginning of the conversation, not the end. We never wanted to impose a decision. I ask the international community and the Palestinian leadership not to reject our vision," said the Ambassador.

However, she said that the status quo in the region does not benefit anyone.

The U.S. in January presented a plan of peaceful settlement known as "the deal of the century". The plan of the White house to recognize Jerusalem as the unified and indivisible capital of Israel, makes Israel the opportunity to Annex Palestinian territory in the West Bank of the Jordan river and to extend its sovereignty over the Jordan valley, and also offers the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state without control over its borders and airspace. As the future capital of Palestine, the plan provides the village of Abu Dis in the Eastern suburbs of Jerusalem. The Palestinians and some countries, this plan is not adopted, as it, in their view, deprives Palestinians of the right to those areas that are stipulated by the UN resolutions.