In the Ivanovo region died two patients with coronavirus

The number of deaths of patients with confirmed coronavirus infection in the Ivanovo region has increased to 37, recovered more than 2.6 thousand people, reported the regional government.

According to June 24, the region recorded 4253 the case of new coronavirus infection, a day set 77 diagnoses. Of new cases: 54 people were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with a previously ill hospitalized 21 people. Two infected arrived in the region from Moscow and Yaroslavl.

During the day, discharged 132 people. Only in the Ivanovo region has recovered 2630 patients with COVID-19.

"The statistics on death during the last day included two more people. The first patient 71 years of Kineshma were in contact with each other, СOVID ill-pneumonia. Was hospitalized in Kineshma CRB, then the severity of the condition transferred to the hospital named Kuvaeva in Ivanovo. Double pneumonia developed, during the life of diagnosed 75% lung involvement on CT scan", - stated in the message.

The second deceased patient is a 56 years old man from Privolzhsk. According to the authorities, he came back from Dagestan and were in contact with patients СOVID-pneumonia.

"The disease was hard, was carried out resuscitation, the patient was on a ventilator. But despite all the efforts of doctors to save the patient have failed," - noted the regional authorities.

Thus, in the region died of 37 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection.

In hospitals of the region with COVID-19 are currently 775 people, including beds with oxygen – 240 people, on the ventilator of 15 patients.

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