In Dijon eight people were detained because of the riots

Law enforcement agencies on Wednesday arrested eight people in connection with the riots in Dijon with participation of natives of Chechnya and North Africa, said city attorney Eric mate.

The document notes that the RAID involved 35 police officers.

This is not the first operation on detention, which is held in Dijon in the aftermath of the riots. On Monday reported nine detainees.

The unrest in Dijon began in the night of 13 June and lasted for four nights. The situation was the result of the dismantling of the representatives of the community of immigrants from Chechnya, who gathered in Dijon from all over France and local residents, mostly of North African origin. The reason for the conflict was the beating of the young people from Chechnya gang members. As a result of the clashes several people were injured and wounded.

Last week it was reported that representatives of the two communities held a meeting not far from Dijon, in the course of which they agreed to stop fighting.