In Belarus, told about the investigation of the "sugar business"

The defendants in the case on corruption in the sugar industry of Belarus continue to be detained and cooperate with the investigation, said Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Alexei STUK.

"Although all of the defendants are cooperating with the investigation, admitted almost all the facts of criminal activity, none of them yet a petition for concluding a pre-trial agreement was not sought," said a Knock during the video briefing on Wednesday.

According to him, investigation so-called "sugar case" continues, all of the defendants are in custody, as the size of bribes, as shown by only the initial stage of the investigation, up to several tens of thousands of dollars, which is a particularly heinous crime. The Deputy Prosecutor General noted that besides the heads of sugar factories included the Director of the Belarusian sugar company and the dealer for the distribution of products of the Belarusian sugar factories in Russia.

"Bribes were passed for supply of sugar to the address of certain entities of the Russian Federation, as well as for the supply from other entities to our companies equipment and accessories", - he said.

"The case is being investigated in the usual manner. I think after some time it will be sent to court," said Knock.

Earlier in connection with corruption in the sugar industry of the Republic, was detained the Director of all four sugar refineries in Belarus and head of the Belarusian sugar company in Moscow. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Directors of the plants were sold at bargain prices sugar trading house in Moscow. According to the KGB of Belarus, Director of the four Belarusian sugar refineries entered into a criminal conspiracy with representatives of commercial entities registered in Russia, receiving bribes for the decision of questions on shipment of sugar. In addition, the defendants have developed the criminal scheme for the supply for inflated prices of raw materials to Belarusian plant-the monopolist in production of bags for sugar.

According to the KGB, to the corrupt scheme were related and the former Deputy chief of head Department on fight against organized crime and corruption Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus Vladimir tikhinya, who agreed for a fee to insure the "sugar mafia and its scheme", for which they received cash. Criminal case under articles "receiving a bribe in especially large size" and "bribery on a large scale", the defendants threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.