In Samara the military held a parade at the house party world war II

Servicemen CVO on Wednesday held a personal parade at the house of the participant of the great Patriotic war, Alexander Lavrentiev, the press service of the district.

According to the press service, the soldiers under the Windows veteran said after him three times, "Glory," collectively sang the song "Victory", "We - the army of the country, we are the army of the people" and "Farewell of Slav". Accompanied the main calculations full orchestra 2nd combined arms army, the event ended with the passage of the troops March past.

It is noted that the veteran lives near the Central square of the city and the state of health for several years unable to attend the parade. Alexander Lukashenko thanked the troops for personal celebration and joked that usually on the day of the parade they, along with his wife, the veteran of work, Anna Yakovlevna open the window and "listen" parade on the square.

Neighbors of the veteran were told that the Lavrent'ev - the last of more than 40 participants in the war who lived in the house on street Frunze. "This house was formerly in the military, there is almost every apartment belonged to the participant of the great Patriotic war. All, unfortunately, died. The last participant of the war, the gunner, was buried day before yesterday. Alexander G. - the last member of the war our house. We are very grateful that you gave it such a personal occasion. I couldn't hold back the tears," said a neighbor of the veteran Ekaterina Telelista.