The Ambassador spoke about the reaction to Putin's article in German

Article of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war is being actively discussed in political, academic circles and the General public, said RIA Novosti the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sergei Nechayev.

Putin wrote an article about the Second world war, which called on States to intensify the process of publication of its archives and the publication of previously unknown documents about the war and the prewar period. He noted that Russia is ready for broad cooperation and joint research projects with the participation of historians.

"I think that now the President is very actively discussed in various circles and in both political and scientific, and the General public. We see this, we fix, we will, of course, analyze. But this is a very important and timely article, which lets us look deeply into our shared history, pre-history, military history, and to do everything to make this story impossible to falsify," said the Ambassador, answering the question, what kind of reaction watching the Ambassador on Putin's article in the Germany.

He added that the important point of this article is to underline the shared responsibility towards future generations, the need to make efforts in order "to prevent these tragedies."