Journalists RIA Novosti trump congratulated with the 75th anniversary of the Victory

Correspondents of RIA Novosti congratulated with the 75th anniversary of the Victory of U.S. President Donald trump, sending a postcard to the White house from the international press center of the celebration of the anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

International press centre, you can send a special postcard to anywhere in the world. Interviewed by RIA Novosti journalists told to send postcards to parents themselves at home, to friends and colleagues abroad, and some just carry them with me in memory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last summer invited trump to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war and the Second world war. In March, trump declined the invitation.

Press Secretary of the USA Embassy in Russia on Wednesday told RIA Novosti that the name trump on parade present the American Ambassador John Sullivan.