Putin spoke about the pride in Russia

Russia - self-sufficient, strong and open country, where respect for people of high deeds and outstanding achievements, and we are proud of it, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin gives state award of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, literature and art, and humanitarian activities, charity and human rights protection, the ceremony is held in the Kremlin.

Addressing the ceremony participants, the President noted that exactly 75 years ago - June 24, 1945, Moscow hosted a legendary Victory Parade today in red square were the heirs of the soldiers of this great Victory.

"We are proud of the great generation of winners. Proud of Russia - self-sufficient, strong, open-minded, a country where respect and value people of high deeds and outstanding achievements, courageous, dedicated, talented, devoted to the Motherland and their work", - Putin said, addressing participants of the ceremony.

"All this fully applies, dear friends, and by now, our winners, that is, to you," the President added.