In Belarus, protests, arrested more than 360 people

More than 360 people were arrested during the past at the end of last week, protests in Belarus, said Wednesday not registered by the authorities human rights center "Spring".

The report notes that the detention took place in 19 cities across the country. "This is - Minsk (over 260 people), Gomel (13), Bobruisk (12), Novopolotsk (10), Gantsevichi (10), Borisov (10), Novogrudok (9), Vitebsk (7), Mogilev (6 or more), Brest (6), Rechitsa (3), Volkovysk (3), Molodechno (3), Soligorsk (2), Grodno (2), Orsha (2), Svetlogorsk (1), Lida (1), Slutsk (minimum 1). In addition, Slonim participants of the action were summoned to the police station later for drawing up reports", - is spoken in the message.

It is noted that more than 100 trials of the detainees on the shares took place on 22 and 23 June. According to the "Spring", 9 people received a total of 105 days in jail and at least 78 people were fined a total amount of about 50.5 thousand Belarusian rubles (about 21.3 thousand dollars).

All, according to human rights, "from the beginning of the current election campaign 112 people received a total of 1583 days of arrest on administrative charges, used for purposes of political persecution". The report notes that 205 people were fined a total size of more than 167 thousand Belarusian rubles (about 70,5 thousands of dollars).

Earlier, in the period of collection of signatures in support of nomination of candidates for the presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, in different cities of Belarus on the electoral pickets were queues of people fighting in support of alternative candidates for the presidency. Authorities said that the pre-election pickets turned into unauthorized rallies. At the end of the period of collection of signatures of people also lined up in the "chain of solidarity" in different cities of the Republic. The largest actions took place on June 19. In a press-service of the interior Ministry of Belarus, RIA Novosti reported that on Friday at about 270 citizens had been detained in various cities of the country because of violation of order of holding mass actions and disobedience to police officers.