Vucic made Putin the book of the dead in Yugoslavia the red army

The President of Serbia Alexander Vucic made the Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a gift a book about monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators, perished on the territory of Yugoslavia, told RIA Novosti the organizers of the publication.

Vucic is on a visit in Moscow, where, along with other foreign leaders attended the Victory parade on red square. The book that he has prepared a gift to Putin, called "Memorials of the red Army of the USSR armed forces on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the victims of war 1941-1945".

According to him, the monograph will not only help scientists and historians, but also to the relatives and descendants of the victims. The authors of the books were Serbian researchers acts Tanic and Zlatomir Lazic.

Serbia on 20 October 2019 celebrated the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade and the country from Nazi invaders. The date of the liberation of Serbia and all of Yugoslavia from the Nazis during the Second world war associated with the completion of the Belgrade operation on 20 October 1944. In the battle for the capital was attended by soldiers of the Soviet second and third Ukrainian fronts under the command of Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin and the people's liberation army of Yugoslavia. On the postwar evaluations of the Yugoslav authorities, on its territory were buried over seven thousand were killed during the liberation of the red army soldiers.