The doctor assessed the condition of children found in Moscow apartment

Visible pathologies in children found in the apartment in Moscow, during the primary survey were found, traces of violence there, a small newborn jaundice and conjunctivitis, said the chief pediatrician of Moscow, chief physician of children's clinical hospital of a name of Vashlaevoj Ismail Osman.

Previously senior assistant GSSC of Russia in Moscow Yulia Ivanova said that in the afternoon of 23 June, in an apartment house on the street Argunovskaya was discovered five babies. According to preliminary data, their ages from about six days to six months. With children there were two women, whose identities are established. Children are born, presumably, surrogate mothers, reports the press service of the MIA.

Osmanov noted that on Tuesday, five children were taken to three different children's hospitals.

"Two children in a hospital, a boy and a girl for 3-4 months, in good condition, no visible damage, signs of abuse, too. Conditionally they can be considered healthy," said Osman.

He noted that, of course, children will be fully inspected.

"Two more children taken to another hospital - a boy and a girl 3-4 months to look at, also in a satisfactory condition And the child is taken to the Morozovskaya hospital, five days, a newborn. He is also a pathological visible external abnormalities, but there are physiological changes in the form of a little jaundice, that occurs in newborns and small conjunctivitis. Relatively you can call them healthy, it is clear that children looked after, they were thrown," said Osman.

He also added that the fate of the children will decide the guardianship.