Russia will support Venezuela in opposition to the dictates of external

Moscow will support Venezuela in its resistance to external dictates and attempts to force regime change in the country, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

USA January 2019 not recognize Nicolas Maduro the President of the country, and I think the interim head of state leader of the Venezuelan opposition of Juan Guido, illegally proclaimed himself President.

The US imposed against Venezuela a set of sanctions, the most painful of which was the freezing of accounts of countries in Europe and the blocking of assets and interests in oil and gas, PDVSA, the jurisdiction of the United States at $ 7 billion, and the prohibition of transactions with them. According to the White house, another 11 billion dollars should make up the loss in oil supplies.

In Venezuela, 21 January 2019, the mass protests against President Maduro shortly after the oath of office. The head of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, Guido illegally declared himself interim head of state. A number of Western countries led by the US announced its recognition of Guido. In turn, Maduro called the head of the Parliament a puppet of the US. Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries have supported Maduro as the legitimate President. In Moscow called "presidential status" of Guido non-existent.