In Simferopol and Kerch were the Victory parades

The Victory parade, dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, were held in Simferopol and the hero-city of Kerch. In the cities held a Grand military parade and modern military equipment.

To see the parade and it's a lot of people who lined the streets outside the fence. The audience had to comply with mask mode and social distance. However, the major audience and honorary guests of the parade were the veterans of the great Patriotic war and fighting. They arranged a special platform for easy viewing, which in particular, allowed us to exclude contacts with lots of people. The parade was broadcast on a number of the Crimean TV channels.

During the show of military equipment on parade in Simferopol, the speaker presented the audience with anti-aircraft missile system s-400, describing them as "without exaggeration, a real threat to NATO."

Military parade in Kerch, in addition to the passage of military equipment was accompanied by flight in the sky fighter planes and helicopters.

In the parade in Simferopol was attended by the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

Aksenov expressed confidence that Russia will continue to develop under a peaceful sky because of the heroism and courage of the Soviet people.