Oleg Nikolaev announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Chuvash Republic

The acting head of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Nikolaev announced his candidacy for the elections of the head of Republic, informs a press-service of the head of the region.

Nikolaev said that I will participate in election debates, as I am sure that all candidates for the presidency of the Republic must submit their proposals for the development of the region. The head of the Republic noted that it would be very limited in time because it focuses on the main work, which also now comes in a very busy schedule due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and its implications.

The Chairman of the CEC of the Chuvash Republic Alexander Tsvetkov said that the working group was convinced that Nikolaev has provided all the necessary documents. He added that to ensure equal conditions for all candidates, the CEC of the Republic ready the next day after the delivery of the documents to carry out all necessary procedures: for example, permission to open an electoral account and check the financial Commissioner. Flowers expressed confidence that the elections of the head of region will be very active, will be a high turnout, the campaign will be competitive and struggle is legitimate.

Flowers recalled: each candidate must garner support from municipal candidates at all levels gathered about 270 signatures in their support. In addition, the MPs and the independents, in particular, Nikolaev, for the registration will need to provide a little more than 4,500 signatures. Flowers also said that the Chuvash Republic is one of the three Russian regions that participate in the experiment. Its essence is the following: voters can support the candidate not only traditionally, filling a line in a signature sheet, but also through the "public Services". To vote for a candidate through personal Cabinet on the portal. Thus allowed to collect up to a quarter of the signatures.

Earlier it was reported that in Nikolaev, despite the membership in "just Russia" decided to go on elections of the head of the Chuvash Republic as an independent candidate. At the party conference of the Republican branch of "United Russia" decided to support his candidacy.

Deputies of the state Council of the Chuvash Republic took the decision to conduct the elections of the President September 13, 2020.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on January 29 impeached, the head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev in connection with loss of trust, the acting was assigned to Nikolaev.