In St. Petersburg hosted a Victory Parade with the participation of 4,5 thousand soldiers

The Victory parade, which was attended by 4.5 thousand soldiers, was held at the Palace square in St. Petersburg, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

All participants of the parade wore masks and gloves, military equipment has been thoroughly disinfected.

In the ranks marched the crews of tanks T-72B3, anti-aircraft missile system s-400 self-propelled artillery "Msta-s" and tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M".

In the sky above the city was the air part of the parade: the Mi-26, the links of the multi-purpose Mi-8 helicopters, attack helicopters Mi-24 and Ka-52 "alligator". Over the Palace square and flew transport aircraft an-26, An-12 and Tu-134, su-35S, su-30SM fighter-bombers su-34 and MiG-31BM.

Among the honored guests in the stands was attended by about 200 war veterans and residents of besieged Leningrad. Their the Palace square was taken by the administration districts with all the necessary measures and epidemiological safety.

At 23:00 over the Peter and Paul fortress will be fireworks. Guns will make 30 volleys in memory of the great Victory. This year the salute will hold without the traditional fireworks.

In mid-April, President Vladimir Putin announced the postponement of a Victory parade because of the coronavirus. Putin stressed that all the events related to 9 may, will take place when it will be safe. The President called Victory Day to commemorate the soldiers of the great Patriotic war and to congratulate the veterans.