In Afghanistan when a mine exploded, killing six people

At least six people were killed and one was injured in the explosion of a roadside mine in the province of Jawzjan in the North of Afghanistan, reported local TV channel 1 TV News, citing the interior Ministry.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of interior of Afghanistan Tariq Arian was accused of attacking the radical movement "Taliban". It is reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday in the district Mardian.

Radical movement "Taliban" has not commented on the incident.

Earlier, the representative of national security Council of Afghanistan Javid Faisal said that the past week was "the most deadly over the past 19 years," the militants of the radical movement "Taliban" has made more than 400 attacks killed nearly 300 employees of the national security forces.

In Afghanistan there is a confrontation between government forces and militants of the radical movement "Taliban", which previously captured significant territory in rural areas of the country and launched a major offensive against the city. Also in the country has increased the influence of the terrorist group "Islamic state."* National forces of defense and security of Afghanistan is conducting nationwide joint operations to combat terrorism.

At the end of February at a ceremony in Qatar, the US and the Afghan militant group Taliban signed their first for more than 18 years of war a peace agreement, which provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an intra-Afghan dialogue in March after a transaction for the exchange of prisoners.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.