MLRS "Tornado-s" was held on red square

New jet system of volley fire (MLRS) "Tornado-s" was held on red square as part of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The MLRS caliber 300 mm, which is the development of the complex "Smerch" includes modernized fighting machine, equipped with an automated control system guidance and fire and a new unguided and guided rockets with high-explosive part.

As previously told in an interview to RIA Novosti Executive Director of the company-the manufacturer of these systems - scientific-production company "tehmash" Alexander Kochkin, unlike its predecessor, "Tornado-s" is able to fire from unprepared positions.

In addition, the new MRL increased range (100 miles vs. 70 the "Tornado"). In the future this figure will increase by several tens of kilometers, while retaining the power of destruction of ammunition.

Today, the armed forces of the Russian Federation is one team "Tornado-s". As previously reported, the Russian defense Ministry, in 2020, the army will have more 30 MLRS "Tornado-s" and "Tornado-G" (an upgraded version of the system "Grad").