In Murmansk the T-34 led the convoy of vehicles on the Victory parade

Military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of Soviet people over fascist Germany in the great Patriotic war, took place in Murmansk, a mechanized column was headed by the legendary T-34 tank, and completed the passage of air and air defense force of the Northern fleet, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Events were held in the hero-city of Murmansk under the leadership of the Northern fleet commander Hero of Russia Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev. As reported in the Northern fleet, just military parades in the city of Murmansk and Severomorsk involved about 1,5 thousand people and 72 pieces of modern and historical military equipment.

First on Lenin Avenue behind the banner group and the group with banners fronts were formal calculations Northern Navy servicemen in historical uniforms of the late war: infantrymen, pilots, sailors, tank crews and engineers.

Modern Hiking part of the parade was opened by the second crew which was adopted in the Northern fleet in Russia Day - 12 June the missile submarine of strategic purpose "Prince Vladimir" under the command of captain 1st rank Alexander Manin. Behind him marched the ceremonial calculations of two aviation regiments combining force and air defense of the Northern fleet and front calculation the Arctic motorized rifle brigade. Locked the March of the troops of the Northern fleet – the fair half of mankind who chose service in the army air force and air defense of the Northern fleet. Also in the parade was attended by the staff of FSB and the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Murmansk region.

From the rostrum among the honored guests for the parade was watched by the representatives of Norway, headed by the commander of the main operational command of the Armed forces of the Kingdom, Lieutenant-General rune Jacobsen. They arrived at the parade at the invitation of the commander of the Northern fleet, in response to last year's visit of Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev to Northern Norway for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation.

After the passage of the foot of the columns, at the main square of the capital of the Kola polar region drove military vehicles. It was headed by the legendary T-34 tank under the command of Hero of Russia major Vitaly Romanov. Behind him was a self-propelled gun SU-100 and other historical and modern appliances. Only in the parade were involved in 72 of combat and special vehicles, including: Arctic T-80БВМ, coastal missile complexes "Bastion" anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, jet systems of volley fire "Grad", two-tier tracked all-terrain vehicles "Aleut", armored "Tiger", BTR-82A, army ATV with the flags of the armed forces and the armed forces and other wheeled and tracked vehicles.

After passage of vehicles on the main square hosted a demonstration flight of the aircraft equipment of the army, air force and air defense of the Northern fleet in Murmansk over the memorial to Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the great Patriotic war.

The parade in Murmansk carefully prepared to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection: the audience had to comply with social distance, volunteers were handing out masks, NBC protection division has carried out disinfection intended for the carriage of personnel vehicles. All parade participants successfully passed testing for novel coronavirus infection.

Night in Murmansk and Severomorsk will be an artillery salute of 30 volleys of blanks and fireworks. Start time of the fireworks is 23 hours.